Your body stays surprisingly busy as you sleep; countless biological processes occur to heal, rejuvenate, and support your health during your slumber. Unfortunately, this nighttime activity sometimes extends to the mouth, where the teeth grind and clench together all night. This condition is known as bruxism, and it is a damaging habit that could be secretly ruining your smile. You may not realize that your teeth are vulnerable to mashing, clenching, and gnashing while you sleep, but learning to recognize the symptoms and seek dental attention will help you protect your mouth.

White teeth look beautiful, but they aren’t always easy to maintain naturally. Even if you brush and floss twice a day, that daily cup of coffee or wine can quickly leave your teeth looking stained and lackluster. The majority of Americans wish their teeth had a whiter sparkle; in fact, the American Association of Orthodontists found that nearly 90 percent of all dental health patients have requested some form of tooth whitening from their dentists. If you count yourself among that 90 percent, be sure to request professional in-office tooth whitening. An experienced dentist like Dr. Kulangara at Advanced Dental Arts in Wesley Chapel can provide whitening services that deliver benefits you could never enjoy from an over-the-counter whitening kit.

Your oral health has a direct correlation to your overall wellness and confidence. If you are struggling from missing, broken, or unsightly teeth, then you understand the true difficulties of living with poor dental health. Fortunately, professionals like prosthodontists are trained and educated specifically to resolve even the worst oral problems. A Prosthodontist Can Replace Missing Teeth Teeth do far more than help your smile look complete; they also help you chew and speak without difficulty. Whether you are missing just one tooth or an entire row of teeth, a prosthodontist can use implants, dentures, and other techniques to give you a full, attractive set of teeth once again. Implants offer a permanent solution to tooth loss by inserting titanium posts into the gums that fuse with the bone to replace each tooth’s root system. Caps that look exactly like natural teeth are then attached to the posts to replace as many teeth as needed. Dentures can also replace missing teeth, but they are removable rather than permanent.

Just like doctors can focus their training and education in order to become experts in areas like cardiovascular, pediatric, or geriatric health, dentists can also opt to specialize in one of the nine specialties recognized by the American Dental Association (ADA). Of these nine, the field of prosthodontics is the most advanced. What Sets Prosthodontics Apart From Other Dental Specialties? Overall, a prosthodontist is able to offer patients the most advanced forms of oral treatment. This includes the diagnosis, rehabilitation, and maintenance needed to optimize oral function, comfort, appearance, and health. Prosthodontics is especially valuable for patients with chronic and serious conditions associated with missing teeth and deficient oral tissue. Prosthodontists can be viewed as the “architects” of the mouth.

young woman puts transparent aligner for dental treatmentWe live in a wireless world: headphones, cellphones, computers, and so many other common items no longer rely upon pesky wires to function. Thanks to Invisalign®, the same can be said about braces! You don’t need to accept crooked, uneven, and misaligned teeth in your mouth, but you also don’t need to suffer through years of uncomfortable and unsightly metal braces in order to achieve a straight and attractive set of teeth. Invisalign® offers a comfortable and simple alternative to braces that nobody will know about but you! What Is Invisalign®?

veneerThe body isn’t immune from injury and disease, but living with significant oral damage can be painful and embarrassing. Fortunately, the art and science of dentistry has undergone significant advancements in the last decade, and it is now easier than ever to obtain full mouth rehabilitation to regain an attractive and functional set of teeth. What Can Full Mouth Rehabilitation Accomplish? Full mouth rehabilitation is designed to help people with overwhelming dental problems that encompass more than just a few teeth. When patients undergo full mouth rehabilitation, special attention is given to the entire spectrum of the mouth, including the jaw, gums, teeth, and bite. Every single full mouth rehabilitation treatment is unique, so your customized plan will address your exact oral needs. You may need implants, dentures, teeth whitening, deep cleanings, fillings, veneers, crowns, inlays, bridges, or other dental work needed to restore your mouth back to health.

dentures in wesley chapel floridaThanks to significant dental advancements over the past few years, replacing missing teeth in your mouth has never been easier. Far from being limited to one option, you can work with your prosthodontist to select the oral solution that is perfectly customized to your needs. For many patients, dentures are the best choice to replace lost teeth and restore an attractive smile. There are different types of dentures available, so which might be right for you? Complete Dentures Come in Two Forms

dental implants wesley chapel flCoping with the loss of your teeth is difficult and emotional, but it is important to know that you have many options that can help you regain a full and enviable smile. Whether poor oral care, injury, or disease led you to lose your teeth, dental implants could be the solution you’ve been waiting for. Dental Implants Are Titanium Posts Dental implants are actually titanium posts that are carefully inserted into the bone where your tooth used to be. Titanium is a durable, versatile and safe material that fuses with the jaw bone over the course of a few months. This forms the “root” of the tooth, and after the gum has fully healed from the implants, impressions can be made to design the tooth or other attachment that is fixed into the implant.