In an ideal world, everybody would be able to retain a full, healthy set of teeth without any problems. Cavities wouldn’t threaten tooth integrity, gum disease wouldn’t lurk beneath the surface, and food wouldn’t stain beautiful white enamel. However, we don’t live in an ideal world, and the reality is that many people are living with missing, broken, and decaying teeth. If you are one of those people, you don’t need to continue struggling with a mouth that makes it difficult to eat, smile, and talk. You can opt for dental implants instead and dramatically improve your overall oral wellness. There are so many reasons that dental implants are the best choice to improve your mouth, especially these three!

Dental Implants Will Save Your Jawbone

Many people don’t realize the integral role that teeth play in supporting the health of the jawbone. Every time you chew or talk, the contact between your teeth sends stimulation into the jawbone to help it remain strong. When your teeth fall out or become compromised, they cannot stimulate the jawbone appropriately. Over time, this leads to weakening and softening of the jawbone that eventually becomes visible. Dental implants prevent jawbone damage by continuing to stimulate the bone as needed. Titanium screws are implanted into the bone and actually fuse with the bone to replace tooth roots. The crown attached to the titanium screw functions like a real tooth to make contact with others and continue to stimulate the jawbone. Problem solved!

Dental Implants Restore Your Abilities to Chew, Smile, and Talk

If you are missing teeth, chances are that you have mastered the art of avoiding smiling and laughing around other people. You may even adjust how you talk to minimize the visibility of your teeth. Chewing is probably also very difficult, and you may find yourself avoiding your favorite foods like steak or apples. Dental implants eliminate all of these concerns by replacing your lost teeth with durable and permanent crowns. These crowns look exactly like real teeth and function the same as well; you’ll be able to chew, smile, and talk without any hesitations.

Dental Implants Look Completely Natural!

Modern technology is nothing short of amazing, including the ability to create dental crowns that look and feel exactly like real teeth. The crowns placed on the end of your dental implants will match the healthy teeth in your mouth so accurately that it will be difficult for others to tell they aren’t real! You will be able to flash a wide smile with the type of confidence you haven’t enjoyed in a long time.

Of course, it’s essential to receive your dental implants from a professional, trusted, and experienced dental team. Advanced Dental Arts is Wesley Chapel’s premier source for implant dentistry. Dr. Susana Kulangara is dedicated to giving her patients the dental reconstruction that they need to live a full and rewarding life. Call (813) 534-4425 today to get started on the procedure that will change your life!