Dentures offer patients without a full set of teeth a great way to restore the function of their mouth. However, it’s a common misconception that dentures don’t require attentive dental care, since they are not real. The truth is that you need to care for your dentures just as regularly as real teeth. These three oral health tips will help you stay on track with your denture care every day.

Brush Without Toothpaste

Your dentures should be brushed just like normal teeth, but you can skip the toothpaste. Common types of toothpaste might actually damage your dentures, so either used a special formula provided by your dentist or only use water. A soft-bristle denture brush is the best tool to use to clean your dentures and remove all plaque. Though your dentures can’t get cavities like real teeth, plaque must be removed to protect your gums and prevent gum infection and disease from forming. Of course, brushing your dentures will also keep them white, clean, and attractive.

Use Denture Cleaner

Since you can’t use regular toothpaste to deep-clean your dentures, try a denture cleaner instead. Mild dishwashing liquid soap is actually a good choice and can be used to clean your dentures after you’ve brushed them. Just steer clear of bleach, which has the potential to turn the pink portion of your dentures white. Many patients also like to use ultrasonic cleaners, which are small bathtub-like devices with a cleaning solution. Sound waves create a gentle wave motion to provide a deep cleaning, but remember that this never replaces daily brushing!   

Store Your Dentures The Right Way

Most dentures can be removed, so it’s important to take care of them when they’re out of your mouth. Remember to keep your dentures moist so they don’t dry out or lose their shape. The best way to store dentures is in a denture cleanser soaking solution or cool water. It’s also a good idea to fill your sink with water or a folded towel when you handle your dentures. This way, if you drop them, they won’t break as they fall into the sink.

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