Thanks to significant dental advancements over the past few years, replacing missing teeth in your mouth has never been easier. Far from being limited to one option, you can work with your prosthodontist to select the oral solution that is perfectly customized to your needs. For many patients, dentures are the best choice to replace lost teeth and restore an attractive smile. There are different types of dentures available, so which might be right for you?

Complete Dentures Come in Two Forms

Dentures are created with a high-tech base that closely resembles natural gum tissue. This base is sturdy and durable enough to support a full set of natural-looking teeth, yet flexible enough to be fitted comfortably to your gumline. Complete dentures are the best option if you are missing all of your teeth and need a full replacement on the top, bottom, or both.

The first type of complete dentures, called immediate complete dentures, are installed into the mouth as soon as all teeth are extracted. Since many patients do not want to spend the 8 to 12 week recovery period living without any teeth at all, immediate dentures make it possible to still talk, chew, and smile normally during that time. Since the gum tissue is likely to shrink and change as it heals, immediate dentures need to be adjusted over the few months they are worn.

Conventional complete dentures, on the other hand, aren’t placed into the mouth until the gum tissue has spent a few months healing. Conventional complete dentures are designed to fit the new form of the gums and provide a full set of teeth that offers the functionality of a real set of teeth.

Partial Dentures Fill in the Gaps

Partial dentures are a better choice if you only have a few teeth missing. With a smaller base that fits with precision between existing teeth, a partial denture uses suction to create a full set of teeth that looks just like a seamless, healthy set of natural teeth.

Rather than continue living with and suffering from an incomplete set of teeth, turn to an expert prosthodontist like Dr. Kulangara at Advanced Dental Arts in Wesley Chapel, Florida. Dr. Kulangara specializes in full mouth rehabilitation and can help you overcome even the most serious oral problems in order to regain your confidence and comfort. Give Advanced Dental Arts a call today at (813) 534-4425 to learn more.