You’ve probably heard how important it is to get a professional teeth cleaning to reduce the risk of cavities and gum disease, but how often do you really need to schedule a cleaning? If you have good oral hygiene habits and a healthy mouth, dentists and hygienists will probably suggest professional teeth cleaning at least twice a year. However, this may vary depending on your needs, and the state of your teeth. Why are regular professional cleanings important?

Why every six months?

Even if you are practicing great dental care at home, some plaque can remain on your teeth. Plaque that is not removed with thorough daily brushing and cleaning between teeth can eventually harden into calculus or tartar. That build-up of dental plaque can give rise to tooth decay. Plaque that remains on teeth produces acids that destroy of the tissues of the tooth. Once plaque has calcified, it cannot be removed by simply brushing.

This plaque causes bacterial erosion of tooth enamel (decay) and irritates gum tissue, causing gum pockets, inflammation and infection. By removing the build-up every six months, you protect teeth and gums from damage. Dentist and dental hygienist use professional tools to remove plaque, tartar, and bacteria build-up that you are generally unable to efficiently clean yourself. Combining regular brushing and flossing with regular visit will not only give you a more confident smile, but it will also help protect you from tooth decay, tooth loss, and periodontal disease, also known as gum disease.

Prevent major dental problems

Visiting your dentist or dental hygienist can also reveal early signs of problems that are much more serious than plaque. During a cleaning or exam, it’s easy to spot signs of oral cancer, new cavities, receding gums, and even signs of anemia or other medical problems. Regular exams ensure your teeth and gums are in optimal condition. Our dentist or hygienist will also evaluate your risk of developing other oral health problems, as well as check your face, neck and mouth for abnormalities. Comprehensive oral examines can help prevent problems before they become emergencies.

Saves you time

If you have a professional teeth cleaning twice a year, you are less likely to experience a heavy plaque and tartar buildup that could seriously affect your oral health. Preventative treatments can prevent the need for longer dental visits to treat avoidable periodontal diseases. Routine teeth cleanings help reduce plaque, allow our dentists to observe issues before they become serious, and help prevent major dental procedures that require more of your time and money.

Improve daily oral hygiene routine

Dental exams help you to improve daily oral hygiene. Receding gums, teeth sensitivity, irritation of the gum line, and thin or worn enamel can be signs that you are brushing too hard. Incomplete brushing and flossing can speed up the build-up of plaque. A dental exam gives our dentist a chance to provide tips on caring for your teeth, discuss your diet and oral hygiene habits. Other topics for discussion might include lifestyle factors that can affect oral health.

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