We invite you to come to Advanced Dental Arts where we believe that having a good relationship is just as important as great care. Establishing a good relationship is the basis for building a more effective approach to your oral health. Here’s how a good relationship with your dentist can improve the quality of care you receive.

You’re More Open

Communicating with your dentist is the key to building trust and maximizing your dental care. Building a relationship allows you to feel comfortable expressing your concerns and issues. We depend on you to tell us things about you. You will feel more comfortable asking questions to help you understand your oral health needs better. We can tailor your dental care to your risk level, and health to improve your oral health.

It Reduces Anxiety

If you ever get nervous just thinking about going to the dentist, you’re not alone. People are anxious about dental visits for different reasons. Some anticipate pain. Some have negative memories from past experiences. It’s common for people to feel some level of anxiety when visiting a dentist. Establishing a good relationship will make you more comfortable to expressing your concerns. You won’t be afraid to ask questions. Our dentists are trained to treat patients who have anxiety. Sometimes knowing what is going to happen alleviates any fears of the unknown.

You Know Where to Turn

Having a great dentist-patient relationship allows you to feel comfortable when you’re dropping in for a regular visit and gives you a safe and trusted place to turn for a procedure or dental emergency. You would want to know who to call if you have a dental emergency. We want to be there for you and your family for all your dental needs today and in the future.

You’ll Do Your Part

We can guarantee that we’ll do our part when you’re in the office. A successful dentist-patient relationship will increase your desire to following our treatment. This will allow and better therapeutic results, and anxiety management. It’s important that you maintain healthy habits like brushing and flossing between visits to keep a healthy smile. Remember to brush for two minutes, twice a day.

You Develop Trust

Trust is vital to getting the best care. Trust is formed through a good friendship, strong communication and time. Our team of professional dentists work hard to build trust with our patients. We want you to feel comfortable and secure in our hands knowing that we have your best interests in mind.  

Let’s Start Today

We want you to feel safe, confident and comfortable every time you visit. Whether you are coming in for a routine cleaning or you have an appointment for other treatments, we want to work with you to make sure the entire procedure goes as smoothly and pain-free as possible.

Advanced Dental Arts offers a wide range of services including cosmetic dentistry, dental extractions, complete and partial dentures, implants, and full mouth rehabilitation. Your oral wellness plays a significant role in your overall physical and emotional health, which is why Advanced Dental Arts serves the Wesley Chapel, Citrus Park, & Carrollwood, Florida area with customized, compassionate, and superior dental care. Call us at 813-701-5074.