Your oral health has a direct correlation to your overall wellness and confidence. If you are struggling from missing, broken, or unsightly teeth, then you understand the true difficulties of living with poor dental health. Fortunately, professionals like prosthodontists are trained and educated specifically to resolve even the worst oral problems.

A Prosthodontist Can Replace Missing Teeth

Teeth do far more than help your smile look complete; they also help you chew and speak without difficulty. Whether you are missing just one tooth or an entire row of teeth, a prosthodontist can use implants, dentures, and other techniques to give you a full, attractive set of teeth once again. Implants offer a permanent solution to tooth loss by inserting titanium posts into the gums that fuse with the bone to replace each tooth’s root system. Caps that look exactly like natural teeth are then attached to the posts to replace as many teeth as needed. Dentures can also replace missing teeth, but they are removable rather than permanent.

A Prosthodontist Can Change Your Bite

If your teeth do not align properly, a prosthodontist can help by fixing your bite. The relationship between your upper and lower teeth when they contact to bite, chew, or close the jaw is very important and can actually impact your gums, neck, head, and jaw joint. The wrong bite can lead to tooth sensitivity, tooth loss and erosion, headaches, jaw pain, and muscle pain. Fortunately, a prosthodontist can utilize different non-surgical methods to correct your bite and preserve the health of the rest of your mouth.  

A Prosthodontist Can Improve the Appearance of Existing Teeth

Prosthodontists don’t just replace missing teeth; they can also improve the appearance and condition of existing teeth. Teeth whitening, chipped tooth repair, veneers, and Invisalign are just a few of the cosmetic dentistry options available. Each procedure makes it possible to improve and strengthen existing teeth to help them look whiter, straighter, and healthier.

You don’t need to look far to find a prosthodontist who can help you attain a perfect set of teeth. Dr. Susana Kulangara at Advanced Dental Arts of Wesley Chapel, Florida offers an extensive list of prosthodontic services to help patients with even the most significant oral problems. Call (813) 534-4425 today to make your first appointment and be on your way to embracing a healthy, attractive smile once again.