Dental Sealants

Keep Out Bacteria and Debris

Upholding a dedicated teeth brushing and flossing regimen is a necessary part of maintaining good oral health care. However even with daily cleanings, it is possible that you aren’t getting to all the bacteria and tartar that can build up in between your teeth and on your gums. Most specifically, the back molars are the most susceptible to developing cavities, since they can be hard to reach and are used to most in chewing.

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dental sealants

What Are Sealants?

Put simply, a sealant is a preventive measure than can be taken to help reduce your risk of developing cavities in your teeth. It is a thin coating that acts as a barrier between your molars and unwanted bacteria and leftover food. Think of it as an umbrella or raincoat for your teeth! While sealants are certainly not an alternative or replacement to everyday brushing and flossing, they can work in conjunction with your oral health care regimen to help keep your mouth clean and cavity free!

Getting sealants is a quick, easy, and completely painless procedure. They can be applied and set in one simple visit to Advanced Dental Arts’ Tampa, Wesley Chapel, Citrus Park, Carrollwood, Lakeland, and New Port Richey offices. During your trip, Dr. Susana Kulangara or one of our highly qualified associates, will clean and dry your mouth, then apply a gel to roughen the surface of your tooth, which helps the sealant bond to the tooth. Then, the gel is rinsed and your tooth is dried again before the sealant is applied. A special light is used to harden the sealants and within a few minutes, you are good to go! Sealants are typically clear, which helps Dr. Susana Kulangara monitor the health of that tooth without obstruction.

Who Can Benefit From Sealants?

Just about anyone who wishes to protect their teeth from cavities or similar forms of decay can benefit from sealants. Granted, not all patients are eligible, but they are especially ideal for patients who have no cavities and wish to remain cavity-free. Many dental care professionals recommend applying sealants to children as soon as the molars come in, as this can help keep your child’s oral health care in excellent condition.

Sealants are not a permanent dental solution, and they will need to be reapplied within around 3 to 5 years. Patients with sealants (and all patients in general) should avoid chewing on hard foods like ice, as they can cause the sealants to wear down or may even crack your tooth.