Dentures in a Day with Implants

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Why Choose Same Day dental Implants?

Same Day Dental Implant process is very simple which is what makes this procedure so great for dentureless patients & patients with worn or broken teeth in need of permanent dentures. We provide patients with a long-term solution that will leave you feeling better than ever both physically and emotionally.

Patients with removable dentures that have problems with dentures that rock, ill-fitting dentures from the start, or that do not want to hassle with taking dentures in and out anymore are perfect candidates for this procedure. Same Day Dental Implants are also called “all on 4” or “all on X”, simply because in some cases 4 implants are needed and in some cases 6 implants are needed.

The price of our Same Day Dental Implant is much less than it was even a few years ago which allows patients to afford the ideal treatment plan and also financially plan for the procedure. Financing options to help pay for the procedure are available and we can help you figure out a financing strategy that fits your budget. There are no hidden fees or additional costs with our Same Day Dental Implant pricing.

Our Same Day Dental Implants include: oral surgery, temporary screw retained denture, and a screw retained all zirconia permanent denture.

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Before & After

Our Same Day Dental Implant Process

Attend a Consultation
Every Same Day Dental Implant procedure begins with a consultation with Dr. Kulangara. At this consultation, Dr. Kulangara or one of our highly qualified associates does a CBCT scan, takes impressions for the fabrication of the temporary screw retained denture, and customizes a treatment plan just for you. Once this exam is completed, you are ready to schedule your procedure.

Dental Implant Procedure
The day of the procedure you will see our surgeon for either full mouth extractions and immediate placement of dental implants. If you present with all your teeth missing he will simply place the dental implants. Dr. Kulangara or one of our highly qualified associates will then deliver the screw retained temporary denture. This equals Same Day Dental Implants & Teeth that do not come in and out of your mouth!

Post Procedure
After your Same Day Dental Implants have been placed it is important to remember that there is a recovery period in which your dental implants need to heal. For the first several weeks to a few months most patients will eat soft food until the dental implants have healed.

Receive Your Permanent Teeth
In approximately 6 months, once your mouth has healed and your new Same Day Dental Implants have stabilized, the final step will be to come into our offices in Tampa, Wesley Chapel, Citrus Park, Carrollwood, Lakeland, and New Port Richey for the permanent screw retained denture.

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