dental-fillingFilling isn’t just the white layer of cream between two Oreos! Fillings are also used by dentists to repair decaying and damaged teeth. You may find yourself needing a filling in your mouth if one of your teeth has a cavity or other injury. A filling is designed to prevent bacteria from entering and help you maintain full function of your mouth. Since fillings are now made using a variety of materials, you can work with your dentist to pick the filling that is best for your specific needs.


Composite fillings have become increasingly popular and are now the most widely used dental filling material. This is because they can be shaded to match the color of your natural teeth. In other words, composite fillings aren’t visible when you smile! They are made of glass or quartz in a resin material, so they are durable and perfect for teeth that endure chewing every single day. As an added bonus, composite fillings can be bonded in place to avoid drilling for patients with dental anxiety.


It is recommended that you steer clear of amalgam fillings when possible. Though they have been used for more than 150 years, amalgam fillings contain mercury and other heavy metals like tin, copper, silver, and zinc. The FDA has acknowledged the dangers of mercury, yet amalgam fillings are still commonly placed in the mouth. Every time the teeth touch, mercury vapor is released from its amalgam filling. It promptly leeches into the body and causes chronic health problems over time. Furthermore, amalgam fillings are dark in color, so they are very obvious when you talk and yawn.

Gold and Porcelain

Gold and porcelain fillings share key similarities but also have clear differences. Gold is durable and long-lasting, but it is more expensive and requires a longer appointment to place in the mouth. Porcelain is also a more expensive material, but they resemble the color of your real teeth to create a more natural appearance. The downside of porcelain is that it isn’t nearly as durable as gold.

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