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dental implant

Dental Implants

Dental implants are an ideal option for patients who want to regain the confidence lost by missing teeth.  Implants are intended to look and feel just like real teeth so that you can talk, chew, laugh and brush and floss your teeth as you normally would

Dental technician working the partial denture

Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry has rapidly become a very popular component of oral care because it focuses on improving the appearance of the teeth, mouth, and overall smile. From subtle changes like teeth whitening to major oral surgeries, cosmetic dentistry encompasses all techniques meant to improve and enhance overall oral appeal.

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Full Mouth Rehabilitation

The process of full mouth rehabilitation involves working with the entire spectrum of your mouth, including the jaw, the gums, the teeth, and the bite. This is a highly individualized procedure and will vary on a case-by- case basis, but you can rest assured that the experts at Advanced Dental Arts will help you build a beautiful smile!



Teeth Whitening

There are a huge variety of tooth whitening services available to patients both over-the-counter and through your dentist. Essentially, the whitening procedure involves a specialized tray, strip, or paste that is applied to your teeth with either a hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide solution.



Dental Veneers

Veneers are a common form of cosmetic dentistry that is similar to crowns and bonding and can help to correct any imperfections in your smile. Veneers can drastically improve your overall appearance and can be a simple and easy alternative to similar dental options.



Dental Crowns

Crowns are a popular dental procedure that many oral health care professionals recommend to patients to correct a number of imperfections and conditions in the mouth. Dental crowns can be used in both restorative dentistry procedures as well as cosmetic purposes.



Dental Bridges

A dental bridge can be used to fill the space caused by teeth that have been lost. The bridge acts as a foundation upon which crowns are secured. They span the empty space in your mouth and are permanently attached by way of the surrounding teeth or implants.



Dental Extractions

Adult teeth don’t always last a lifetime, so dental extraction makes it possible to remove damaged and unhealthy teeth that simply cannot be repaired. You may find that you require dental extractions due to a crowded mouth that needs to be aligned, or perhaps one of your teeth has become too infected to be saved by antibiotics and root canal therapy.

partial denture

Complete & Partial Dentures

Losing teeth to injury, disease, or decay can be very upsetting and frustrating. From difficulty eating to embarrassment in social situations, living with an incomplete set of teeth has many drawbacks. Fortunately, dentures make it possible to obtain a fully functional set of teeth that look and feel natural.

partial denture

Implant Supported Dentures

While regular dentures are designed to replace missing teeth by simply resting along the gumline, implant supported dentures are attached to implants installed in the jawbone itself. This is a viable option if you have enough bone to support implants and prefer to secure your dentures with the help of such implants.



Invisalign™ is a set of clear removable dental aligners that are custom made to fit each and every patient’s mouth. This advanced form of orthodontic treatment allows patients to discreetly correct their smile without the burden of traditional braces.



Occlusal Guards

Sleep is a time to fully relax and let the body recover and heal from the previous day, but if you have a problem with grinding and clenching your teeth, sleep might actually cause additional harm. In fact, many people suffer from nighttime grinding and clenching without realizing it.