At Advanced Dental Arts we care deeply about everything and anything relating to oral health. From the initial consultation to the maintenance that goes into each patient, we are here to help. One of the most common reasons patients come to us for urgent help is to provide them with complete or partial dentures. This includes adjustments, full mouth rehabilitation, and more.

Whether you have come to us for this procedure already or are thinking about making an appointment, you will need to follow through with the proper care post denture procedure.

So keep scrolling, this light read is directed towards helping anyone in need of knowing how to take essential care of your new pearly whites! We will discuss a few different factors that go into the proper care like making adjustments to your routine and keeping your new teeth clean.

Adjusting to and protecting your new teeth
Initially, the dentures may feel strange, loose, and even a bit uncomfortable. This is because the muscles of the tongue and cheek need to strengthen to keep them in place. It’s very common for increased saliva flow and irritation to occur during this period of acclimation. Eating with new dentures may take practice, and it is best, to begin with soft foods that are cut into small pieces as well as clean your dentures regularly.

Speaking might also become difficult for most people. According to, singing is a great way to get a better grip on speaking. With your new dentures, try singing along to your favorite music during the day. Techniques like singing smooth, fluid phrases at slower rates can help you get used to forming certain words more easily so your dentures won’t feel like they’re preventing you from speaking.

Lastly, setting realistic expectations should be a top priority. Similar to braces, dentures feel extremely abnormal and foreign in your mouth. Not to worry, however, with the right care and knowledge, you can adjust just fine. We
recommend taking your dentures out every so often to get your jaw adjusted to the sensitivity you may feel with them in.

Ways to keep clean
We recommend starting with fresh habits that work for you and that you can hold onto down the road. Here are some of the essential habits that we suggest:

1. Make sure you remove and rise them EVERY TIME after eating.

2. Handle them with care/place them in a safe clean spot.

3. Keep the rest of your mouth clean.

4. Brush them AT LEAST daily.

5. Soak them overnight for ultimate sanitation.


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